Night Sky Full of Ideas

Ideas are everywhere, validate them

Ideas are everywhere. They are like stars in the nighttime sky. I’ve come to realize that everyone is an idea person and few people are idea executers. Coming up with ideas is like being a philosopher. It’s a lot of fun, thought provoking and to be original is extremely hard. Original or not, not acting […]

Stick With What You Know

Stick With What You Know “Be great, because nothing else pays”. – Grant Cardone Focusing   You can’t be great at anything you don’t know. I noted in my previous post that I missed my November 1st deadline for launching a new business or a side project that has the potential for becoming a business. Admittedly it […]

What’s in a deadline?

November 1st came and went. The “deadline” passed. I did not reveal my business idea because I didn’t have one. I still don’t. The Grant Cardone mantra, “Whatever you do, be great because nothing else pays” in some part has a lot to do with not starting a business. I still have the same objective, […]